Hello world – Lily is HERE!

Hi Everyone! I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself – my name is Lily and I’m a boisterous kitty who is a recent addition to the Watson household. Dr. Watson is a small animal veterinarian at O’Sullivan Animal Hospital in Barrie Ontario.

Lily loves making faces (and eating!) Because I like to talk so much (it really is one of my favourite things to do… besides eating…) Dr. Watson thought I could use my communication skills for good and contribute to the O’Sullivan Animal Hospital blog!

I’m a bigger lady, with a bit of a medical history and several adoptions so I’ve got PLENTY of stories to tell! I’m currently adjusting from a quiet life in the city, I lived in a small apartment with a wonderful elderly woman, to the country life! I now live with Dr. Anne Watson, her husband and all their furry family members – now including me! Over the past few months I’ve started to make friends with two other cats, Hawkeye and Troutie as well as two big dogs, Radar and Blue. And throughout it all I’ve been quite a trooper! I was initially adopted from Toronto Animal Services several years ago by Dr. Anne’s great aunt and before that? Who knows what my story was! But I’ve been lucky enough to have had, not one, but now TWO incredibly loving homes who have made me a part of their family.

I can’t wait to tell you more about the exciting things happening at O’Sullivan Animal Hospital and my progress along my weight loss journey!

Purrs and Cuddles!


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